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TRAA Science Advisory Panel’s Follow-up Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom

TRAA Announces Campaign Urging Governor Gavin Newsom To Request an Investigation of the Torrance Refining Company and Wilmington’s Valero Refinery

TRAA Announces Press Conference & Community Call To Action on 2/15/20 for the 5th Anniversary of the Torrance Refinery Explosion

TRAA Video – Invited Speaker Daniel Horowitz’ Speech at the February 15, 2020 Press Conference & Community Call To Action

1986 Hydrofluoric Acid Release Test

“Air board kills regulation of dangerous refinery acid in favor of oil industry plan” – Los Angeles Times

South Coast AQMD Staff Presentation to the full Governing Board on February 1, 2019

“Fire and Explosions at Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Unit” – U.S. Chemical Safety Board

“Faulty, old pipe caused PES refinery explosion, sending a bus-size piece of debris flying across Schuylkill” – NPR

“Refinery Explosions Raise New Warnings About Deadly Chemical” – NPR

“This Chemical Kills. Why Aren’t Regulators Banning It?” – New York Times Opinion Piece

Living Near Oil Production Is Deadly. Why Don’t California Lawmakers Care?

A Rule 1410 Performance Standard to Protect the Community

TRAA Video – MHF Must Be Eliminated from Refineries to Keep the Community Safe

TRAA Community Response at the June 22 TRAA Refinery Committee Meeting

HF and MHF – Equivalent Ground Hugging Fog Hazards by George Harpole, Ph.D.

Two of the World’s Leading HF Experts Answer the $64,000 Question: “Does MHF behave the same as HF?”

TRAA Video – AQMD Board Member Janice Hahn Speaks at the February 1, 2019 Meeting

ToRC Misinformation in Postings about MHF by George Harpole, Ph.D.

Five Points TRAA Science Advisory Panel Members Would Have Liked to Make at the Rule 1410 Refinery Committee Meeting

“HF Boil-Off from an MHF Spill on Hot Highway Pavement” by Jim Eninger, Ph.D.

Superheated MHF Excluded from the Only Large-Scale Test Series

Flash Atomization of HF and MHF by George Harpole, Ph.D.

“Is a phase-out of dangerous chemical used at Torrance, Wilmington refineries getting closer?” – Daily Breeze

TRAA Video – Are schools prepared for a Chemical Release?

“Torrance group launches public outreach over refinery dangers” – Daily Breeze

The TRAA Door Hanger

“Who is telling the truth about the Torrance refinery?” – TRAA Science Advisory Panel opinion piece in the Daily Breeze

“US Refineries Persist in Using Toxic Acid, Despite Safer Alternatives” – Truthout

TRAA Video – HF moved into OUR town

“Haifa Ammonia Tank Emptied after Years-Long Saga” – The Times of Israel

It Can’t Happen…

The Sabotage of the Torrance-Mobil Consent Decree by Sally Hayati, Ph.D.

TRAA Video – The historic FAILURE of MHF in the Torrance Refinery

A Fatal Flaw in the Consent Decree

Dramatic Large-Scale Demonstration that Sulfuric Acid Is Vastly Safer than HF for Alkylation

TRAA Video – Alternatives to MHF are available NOW

Elected Officials’ Support for MHF Ban

TRAA Video – No Refinery Shutdown

“Developments in the debate over hydrofluoric acid” – Daily Breeze

TRAA Video – The refineries CAN afford to prioritize safety over profits

TRAA Video – The community wants HF/MHF phased-out within 4 years

Meet the TRAA Science Advisory Panel

Meet the TRAA Voter Advisory Panel

Free TRAA “Ban Toxic MHF” Lawn Sign